Angola : declaration of intent

Official visit by François Hollande to Angola, Ecocean announces the signature of a declaration of intent for the construction of 9 hydrocarbon recovery ships worth tens of millions of Euro.

3rd July 2015 – After delivering a Spillglop 250 to Taiwan and a Workglop to Qatar Petroleum, today, Friday 3rd July, in the presence of the President of the French Republic Mr François Hollande and a senior representative of the Angolan authorities, ECOCEANE is signing a declaration of intent for the construction of 9 hydrocarbon recovery ships: one Spillglop 180 and one Workglop which may be delivered soon and 7 Spillglop 250 which will be delivered in the next 12 to 18 months.
This agreement worth several tens of millions of Euro will create business for ECOCEANEs French partner yards.
The Spillglop 250 is a reference on the international stage as it was the first ship in the world to be COP21-certified during its recent inauguration under the patronage of the French Minister for Ecology, Madame Ségolène ROYAL.
ECOCEANE designs recovery ships which are the only ones of their kind in the world.
Its technology has been recognised and tested by the OHMSSET, the US Navy’s research centre.
The innovative French company achieves over 95% of its turnover from export.
To continue its success, the company is now hoping to set up a high-performance industrial base for the construction of its ships, with the support of the President of the French Republic, the Government and the relevant Administrations.
This has the potential to provide an additional 1000 jobs of the ship building sector.
“This success follows on from contacts we made 4 years ago with Angolan institutions who want effective resources to protect their aquatic environment; ECOCEANE ships are the only vessels that are effective in heavy weather and can clean up to 50.000 m2/h, recovering all waste, whether solid or liquid, such as hydrocarbons”, said Eric VIAL, chairman of ECOCEANE.
He added “The success of ECOCEANE, which has received active support from Political, Economic and Media bodies, demonstrates the qualities of French R&D in the sensitive area of protecting our aquatic environment and enables us to reduce the risks due to the increased development of maritime activities”.

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