Accidents, by definition, occur at random and are always associated with an exceptional set of circumstances. It is therefore impossible to predict the nature, place, time and magnitude of an accident. Pollution control equipment must be permanently available, while being put to profitable use in the periods between cleanup operations.

ECOCEANE has created ranges of versatile boats, which are both fully operational workboats and exceptionally high yield cleanup and pollution control vessels that are ready to respond at any time.

Our boats represent a profitable business model during on-watch periods.


Depending on the range, each vessel is a genuine barge, workboat or supply vessel. They perform the full range of port, oil industry or ocean-going tasks (personnel and cargo transport, harbour pilotage, diving support, fire-fighting, etc.)

Cleanup and Pollution control

Wherever our vessels are deployed, they are always ready to respond should cleanup or pollution control be required.