Design office

dassaultsystemesOur design office uses CATIA and ABAQUS (DASSAULT SYSTEMES) software to design our ships, enabling the following studies

  • Fluid flow
  • Form calculation
  • Material resistance
  • Nesting drawings

Numerical simulations of hull resistance are performed with the ICARE calculation code solving free surface Navier-Stockes equations.

Hydrodynamic resistance is calculated to improve stability and ship motion.

Suction and separation flow are improved with the study and prediction of flows in the hydrocarbon tank.

A French Manufacturer of Ocean-going Oil Spill Response Vessels, ECOCEANE chooses CATIA, DELMIA and 3DVIA Composer to accelerate its performance in the design and the manufacturing of vessels and to position itself as the world leader.

Ref “Contact mag”, Autumn 2010 Dassault Systèmes


The software we use ensures that applications follow professional practices and meet the requirements of yards and Classification Companies in terms of:

  • The basic design of the hull structure and the sub-division of the blocks.

  • Structural and secondary foundations.

  • Detailed design of the hull structure.

reverseglop adaptations

Our technology can be integrated into all special vessels. Collaborative studies can be carried out with architects, design offices and/or shipyards. According to the installation context, Ecoceane defines the pollution cleanup performances of the vessel before construction:

  • Volumes and spaces analysis needed for the integration of pollution function

  • Study of laminar flow in the ship context

  • Simulation capabilities of ship cleaning

  • Supply of section drawings of the system adapted to the vessel