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TAIWAN choose Ecoceane Technology

The government of TAIWAN and Formosa Petrochemical Corporation, are the first in the world to adopt an effective deep water solution to protect and preserve the marine environment.

Taiwanese government bodies and its Ministry of the Environment and Natural Resources are concentrating their efforts on:

Preventing pollution
Putting actions in place to combat climate change
Laying out river basins
Preventing natural disasters
Protecting nature

And so entering a new era for environmental protection.

In speaking of its role as a responsible member of the global village, the Taiwanese government says that it is «aware that it’s not ideals which are important, but that we are determined to accomplish something together».

In choosing Ecoceane technology, Taiwan is turning talk into action by becoming the first country in the world which in the event of an oil spill is able to recover hydrocarbons at sea before they can damage coastlines.

This is a strategic advantage which places the country at the forefront in preserving its maritime area, setting an example in terms of ecological protection.


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