When the cleaning operations are not frequent enough to justify the use of a dedicated ship, Ecoceane offers a range of traditional utility vessels, specially outfitted to cater for an additional pollution cleanup function available in reverse.

Our technology can be integrated into all special vessels.

Collaborative studies can be carried out with architects, design offices and/or shipyards.

According to the installation context, Ecoceane defines the pollution cleanup performances of the vessel before construction.

Reverseglop technology allows the creation of a large scale mesh of self-cleaning vessels, in addition to maritime activities without additional cost and allowing the crew in case of occasional  pollution, fast and effective intervention.

Volume and space analysis needed for the integration of pollution function, Study of laminar flow in the ship context, Simulation capabilities of ship cleaning.

Oil Industry


  • An element of the security of offshore oil extraction is the ability to fight against spills.
  • Many countries (Russia, Brazil…) require operators to have significant recovery means.
  • At the moment, with the exception of Ecoceane technology, no one can meet these requirements.

Reverseglop technology integrates a cleaning system in each PSV which keeps all its qualities and becomes a real cleaning Vessel at 4 knots in reverse, and certified as an OSRV.

The on-site availability of services vessel equipped with Reverseglop system can meet the requirements, and secure risky areas.

ICE Version


A grill system is integrated in the bow of the vessel.
The set of cleaning elements is fitted with a heating fluid system, allowing flow movement.
Cleaning arms fitted on the vessel are only used without ice .


Oil industry

Ice Version